The Impact of Stress on Your Life and Why You Should Manage it Well

angry and stressed businessmanEveryday events and life experiences induce a stress response. From time to time, when things get hairy, any person will experience mental and physical reactions that may lead to medical problems if they persist.

The physiological stress response helps a person cope with events, but a persistent stress response puts a person’s health at risk.

Common symptoms of stress

While it may seem that too much stress primarily affects your feelings and thoughts, your body can be affected as much. Two of the most common physical symptoms of stress are headache and muscle pain.

Some people experience acute chest pain when the stress is too much, while others suffer from bowel disorder and stomach problems. Unmanaged stress may lead to insomnia, anxiety disorder, irritability, social withdrawal, hypertension, and other medical issues.

Some people with emotional and physical stress seek adrenal fatigue help from South Jordan physicians such as those from RedRiver Health and Wellness Center.

The physiological basis of the stress response

Unrelenting stress results in specific reactions from the body. Stressors stimulate the release of hormones from the adrenals, including epinephrine, norepinephrine and cortisol, which mediate the stress response. The perception of something as stressful triggers the sympathetic system to release adrenaline.

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The response is complex in that it also involves the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, which triggers a cascade that leads to secretion of cortisol in the bloodstream. The HPA axis mediates the slow response.

With sustained cortisol secretion, the function of the organ systems may be affected, and the immune system may be compromised.

Improving your ability to manage stress

You can enhance your ability to handle stress by exploring various strategies such as relaxation techniques and meditation. Engaging in regular physical activity helps as well. Socializing, engaging in a hobby, and keeping a sense of humor work for some people.

Find out more about stress management techniques so that you can maintain a healthy outlook in life.

Your ability to handle stress will affect your life in many ways. Stress may compromise your health, so make sure you manage stressors well.

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