Treating patients with dental fear: a holistic approach

A girl having her teeth checkedDental phobia, meaning fear for the dentist, is a very common type of phobia in the UK that accounts for many missed dental appointments every year. Luckily, dentists are becoming more aware of patients with this problem and are constantly looking for new ways to address it.

For each individual patient, dental phobia means something different. More alarmingly, the number of patients suffering from dental phobia without knowing it is constantly increasing. This leaves a dentist for nervous patients in London, such as those at Care Dental Platinum, not always capable of recognising a phobic patient. A holistic approach, combining different scientific and behavioural methods, can treat dental phobia for good.

Identifying patients with dental phobia

The task of identifying a patient with dental anxiety is not always easy and a dentist for nervous patients in London has to read carefully into the signs. A questionnaire is a good way to determine if a patient is afraid of the dentist, though most of the time this can only be assessed through conversation. Most experienced dentists will find out if a new patient is suffering from dental anxiety shortly after a consultation appointment, but in case this is not possible, the behaviour of the patient during treatment may help. Patients who sweat, feel uncomfortable and move their hand and feet a lot, are more likely to be anxious about their dental appointment than others.

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Dental and psychological treatment of phobic patients

A dentist for nervous patients in London is the best person to judge if a person requires psychological help in order to address their phobia. However, the combination of sedation dentistry along with a cognitive approach to fear in the dentist’s chair, can also produce positive results. A dentist will use sedative gas to make the patient feel relaxed, while occupying their mind with music and optical distractions. This combination of pain-free dentistry and a stress-free atmosphere can minimise pain effectively.

No reason to fear

As patients become more aware of pain-free dentistry, dental phobia is bound to decrease. Mindful dental treatment is beneficial for the patient and the dentist alike.

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