Why Choose Intermittent Fasting as a Diet

Woman With Healthy FoodAre you looking for ways to lose weight? When you do a quick search, you are likely to find crash diets that promise instant results. In some cases, you may burn a lot of fat, but these don’t change your lifestyle and help you in the long-term.

One diet to consider following is intermittent fasting; the latter has a number of advantages that make it an effective choice. MD Diet Salt Lake City cites the following reasons to choose intermittent fasting.

Better Glucose Tolerance

A person with diabetes may fast to normalize the levels of glucose and improve the latter’s variability. Even if you’re not one, intermittent fasting can provide similar results. Once you fast, your body changes the way it processes glucose.

The accumulation of the latter in tissues that don’t normally store fat leads to insulin resistance. However, when your body starts to burn fat, the excess begins to lose mass and becomes smaller. With this, the muscles’ and liver’s cells are more responsive to insulin.

Lose Weight Effectively

When you fast, the body searches and burns fuel wherever it can find it if you haven’t eaten, it will go to reserves of fat. This leads to slow, but steady and effective weight loss over time.

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Fasting is unlike many crash diets because you can easily incorporate it into your lifestyle, because you may have done some form of it for medical checkups or times you are too busy to eat.

Improved Metabolism

One of the reasons this form of diet helps practitioners shed some pounds is that it restricts food, and then follows it up with regular eating.

The combination of the two stimulates your metabolism. Longer fasts reduce the latter, but shorter ones and in intervals (such as in intermittent fasting), your metabolic rate increases.

These are only a handful of the reasons to avoid crash diets and just do intermittent fasting instead. The latter has proven results and is easy to integrate into your lifestyle.

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