Probiotics: The Key to Good Health

Female doctor holding a tablet with the text: ProbioticsIt has only been in recent years that people are beginning to understand the role of friendly bacteria and the gut in immune function. The latter is so important to health that it produces its own neurons.

Scientists have known for decades that too many antibiotics can cause yeast infections, but a gut depleted of “friendly” bacteria may have more far-reaching consequences, such as making the person susceptible to allergies, accelerating the ageing process, or even increasing the risk of cancer.

Children with poor gut microbiomes may show developmental delays or behavioural problems.

The Second Brain

Recently, the scientific community was shocked when they discovered that the gut is so vital to human health, it produces its own neurons. Previously, neurons were considered to be solely part of the brain, so scientists were astonished to find cells almost identical to neurons in the intestinal tract.

There are more neurons in the human intestine than in a cat’s brain. This is called the enteric nervous system. It directs the immune response, hunger response, appetite and mood. It requires a healthy microbiome to do this effectively.

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Replenish Your Gut Flora

There are ways to replenish gut flora. These are:

Probiotic Drinks – Probiotic yoghurt drinks contain millions of live bacteria. These destroy the pathogenic bacteria that cause illness, helping to keep people healthy. Probiotics are also available in tablet form.

Probiotic Creams – Probiotics can help the skin, too, by reducing inflammatory conditions like acne, psoriasis and eczema. They can improve the appearance of the skin, helping maintain a youthful complexion.

Probiotic creams are ideal skin care products for sensitive skin – like those offered by providers such as Gallinée – and people with skin conditions choose them for this reason.

Sensible Use of Antibiotics – Too many antibiotics damage gut flora and cause resistance. Only use them when medically vital. If you must use them, take probiotics afterwards.

A considerable section of the immune system and the nervous system is in the gut, so nurturing it with probiotic drinks and creams could help people feel great and look good.

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