Why Suffer Through These When You Can Get Professional Help

physical therapist diagnosing patient's backRegular movements of muscles and joints can cause wear and tear, and eventually, it will strain and cause pain. Each day, people go through a myriad of physical activities that can injure muscles and joints. While it is not advisable to take pain medication at the slightest hint of pain, several conditions require more than just popping a pill.

Treatment Centers like Apollo Health Centers in Utah address pain problems through professional therapy. Doctors advise patients to come in a certain number of times until the treatment is completed, and they start feeling better.

Here are some conditions that need professional attention.


Whiplash is an injury affecting the neck area that usually results from an accident. The head and neck are jerked forward as a result of being hit from behind by a larger or stronger vehicle or rapid acceleration. Each year, injuries related to whiplash cost some $30 billion in healthcare.

While it isn’t a life-threatening condition, it can be extremely uncomfortable and painful. Severe cases of whiplash also cause partial paralysis.

Back Pain

Some people think back pain is normal, especially as one ages. However, it can seriously hamper your movement and prevent you from doing simple daily tasks. A chiropractor or physical therapist can offer some relief. Through manual adjustment or spinal manipulation, they can re-align your bones in your back.

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This reduces discomfort and significantly reduces the amount of medication that the patient needs to take for pain. The therapy works by relieving tense nerves and restoring the range of motion in the affected areas.

Neck Pain

A stiff neck can be a painful thing to wake up to. It can be frustrating not being able to move your neck to drive or simply look over your shoulder. Neck pain may be caused by strain or staying in an uncomfortable position for too long.

A therapist can help strengthen the area and relieve stiffness by applying cold or hot compresses. Deep tissue massage and electrical stimulation are also used in more severe cases. There are also exercises prescribed to prevent the area from becoming sore or stiff again.

There’s no need to suffer through pain needlessly when you can go see a professional for help. The important thing is to regain function of the area and be able to resume doing your normal routine.

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