The Unexpected Beauty Regimen: 3 Ways Exercise Makes You Pretty

Women in gymThousands of beauty tips abound on the Internet — from perfecting the winged eyeliner in five seconds to reducing pores with the bloody vampire facial that’s common in Massachusetts. But there’s one effective beauty regimen that doesn’t look like it’s a beauty regimen (but it seriously is), and that’s exercise.

Not convinced? Well, here are science-backed ways physical activity actually makes you beautiful:

Flawless Skin

Exercise is good for your pores and skin. In fact, it’s like a mini facial because sweating makes pores dilate, allowing the body to release dirt and oil under the skin. The important thing here though is to wash your face after the workout so the filth won’t seep into the pores again.

Exercise also gives that natural, glowing look on the skin. You see, during physical activity, the small arteries in your skin open up, making it easier for more blood to reach the skin’s surface and bring in the nutrients your skin needs to repair damage from sun exposure and other pollutants.

If you’re looking to have a flawless and glowing skin, sign up at the nearest fitness studio for women. In Scituate, there are personal trainers who can recommend you exercises that will make you sweat buckets.

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Fresh Look

woman with flawless skin and fierce lookNothing spells beauty disaster than dark circles under the eyes, right? For exercise-loving women, that’s not a problem. Why? Because their intense routines give them the perfect outlet for stress and make them sleep soundly at night.

When stressed, the body releases the hormone cortisol to help muscles ready for physical activity. But usually, people respond to stress by just sitting at their couches, eating a bucket of ice cream, leaving cortisol in the bloodstream. Over time, the body becomes insensitive to the cortisol’s signal for physical activity. As a result, the glands make more hormones to get your attention.

With messed-up cortisol levels in the body, you’re more jittery and tense at night, leaving you with bags under your eyes the next day. Bottomline: When the body signals stress, shake it off with an exercise.

Fierce Attitude

Confident women are the most beautiful women. Exercise-loving ladies have that great self-confidence because it enhances their body image and perception about health. Plus, there’s that “I can do it.” attitude. If you can take on an hour-long spinning class, how can a business presentation intimidate you? You don’t need to do a super intense physical activity just to have that fierce attitude. If you’re feeling good about your exercise, that can translate to feeling good about yourself.

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Beauty is not all makeup, hair treatments, and facials. Sometimes, it’s just about a good exercise.

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