Ageing Skin: The Role of Cosmetic Treatments

Woman with Clear SkinWarts, cellulite and liver spots are some of the common cosmetic problems that people encounter as they age. But the good news is there are treatments available for those seeking to get rid of these age spots. Aesthetic clinics offer different procedures that can help you enhance your appearance and bring back your natural youthful glow.

Skin Problems and Old Age

It is no secret that old age is more than just about wrinkles. There are many other conditions related to old age, including spider veins, lack of skin elasticity, and unwanted hair and skin discolouration. And with these problems come the desire of many people to restore their youthful looks.

According to a report, over S$14.1 billion was spent on cosmetic procedures worldwide last year. This figure only shows that the cosmetic industry is indeed booming around the world. The beauty procedures include body contouring, liposuction, breast augmentation and reduction, eyelid surgery, hair transplant, and the use of wrinkle fillers.

Most Common Procedures

One of the most common aesthetic procedures is the use of Botox. This treatment is safe and gives impressive results. Dermal fillers make lips fuller and the skin softer and plumper.

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A great alternative to waxing, laser hair removal is another popular treatment, especially with its long-term effects. Another is microdermabrasion, which involves removing a very thin layer of the skin to reveal younger-looking skin. This procedure also reduces stretch marks and dark skin pigmentation.

Chemical peels, meanwhile, help improve the skin’s tone and texture, as well as treat acne and acne scars. Other skin pigmentation problems are treated in the same manner.

Aesthetic medicine consists of different treatments that improve the look and feel of the skin. With a better-looking skin, patients then feel more confident of themselves.

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