Dentists, Here Are 3 Ways to Make Your Patients Remember You (In a Good Way)

dentist with patientWhile a great business location may increase your competitive advantage, it’s not everything a business needs to succeed. In fact, your business has an equally great chance to succeed even when its location is right next to the competitors.

Your focus as a dentist should be to provide a truly memorable experience. To make sure your customers recommend you to their friends, check out these tips.

1. Keep up with the trends

For your dental practice to stand out, keeping up with modern trends is not an option; it’s a necessity. Customers need to know that when they step-in your office, they will have access to improve products and services.

Implementing trends is a sure way to beat competition while improving efficiency. For instance, dental patients nowadays prefer clear dental aligners over traditional braces.

The reason is that these aligners are invisible and hide existing gaps, improving overall aesthetics. This is just one example of the trending products you need to include in your practice.

2. Create a patient-centric schedule

You may need to reconsider the word ‟patient-centric″. If say, 90% of your patients go to work or school during your typical hours of practice, you need to create a work schedule that is more convenient for them.

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This may mean extending your office hours and staying open during holidays and weekends. When you regulate your hours to suit your customers, you will be open when your competitors are closed making you more reliable.

3. Offer flexible financial options

Today’s world offers numerous ways to make payments. Nowadays, you don’t even need a wallet since you don’t even need to carry hard cash; a simple wave of the phone and you make a payment.

As a dentist, it’s imperative you understand that your customers may have different ways to pay so giving them these options will make you more customer-friendly.

You should be able to accept insurance coverage, personal check and cash, debit and credit cards as well as other forms of special financing. Otherwise, you could end up locking outpatients.

In today’s world, you don’t necessarily need to be a thousand times better than your competitors. By simply being better in a thousand ways, you will stand out from competition and stay above an average dentist.

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