How can Cosmetic Dentistry in Belfast Help?

senior woman showing her teethMost people associate cosmetic dentistry with TV stars and celebrities. It is often regarded as elective and neither necessary nor beneficial. But in fact, cosmetic dentistry is not only about aesthetics.

Cosmetic dentistry in Belfast can help improve a patient’s smile and self-esteem as well as their oral health. Many cosmetic dentistry treatments available in dental practices in Belfast, such as Blue Sky Dentistry, can keep extensive dental problems at bay and protect patients from developing serious oral health issues.

Missing teeth

Missing teeth – even when they are out of sight – can cause dental issues and even lead to tooth loss down the road. Firstly, missing teeth affect a patient’s biting and chewing power and upset the balance in their mouth. Teeth are supposed to work as a whole, therefore missing one or many can alter a person’s oral function. Luckily, cosmetic dentistry in Belfast can help. Dental implants can be really beneficial, even if they cannot be seen inside a patient’s mouth. Avoiding dental implants or other tooth replacement options can cause extensive (and expensive) dental issues in the long run.

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Discoloured teeth

Even if a patient’s teeth are complete, chances are that they are yellow or discoloured. Yellowed teeth are a common concern among adult patients and teeth whitening is an easy, quick and safe way to brighten their smile and prevent stains from reforming on the surface of their teeth for a while. Whether someone wishes to whiten their teeth for a big event or they are just ready to have a brighter smile, they can take advantage of power whitening or home whitening. The former takes place in the dentist’s chair, whereas the latter is done in the comfort of the patient’s house.

Choosing the right cosmetic procedure

Different people have different dental needs and only a cosmetic dentist can help them choose the best treatment (or treatments) in order to achieve the smile they have always wanted. Whether a patient is looking for something simple as teeth whitening or something restorative such as dental implants, chances are that an experienced cosmetic dentist can evaluate the situation and help.

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