Status Quo: 3 Reasons You’ve Hit a Fitness Plateau

Every fitness enthusiast has experienced this struggle: fitness plateau. You’ve been consistently shedding three pounds a week for months, but now, it seems that you’re stuck with the same ol’ number on the weighing scale.

Or, you’ve probably grown your muscles stronger the last weeks, but today, your body fails to lift heavier weights. What’s happening? Here are possible reasons you’ve hit the plateau:

1. You do the same, old exercise.

Most women wonder why they couldn’t break past their current fitness level when they’ve done the same things that made them hit their goals before. Well, that’s the problem right there: “doing the same things.”

If you’re doing the same stuff as before, then you really won’t see a difference. The body copes with the demands of an exercise routine. When it adjusts to your workout, there’s less challenge in it, and therefore fewer gains.

The obvious solution here is to change up your routine. You can switch up the order of your workouts or add a totally different exercise. According to fitness experts in Scituate, personal training studios for women offer different programs you can take advantage of to vary your routines.

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2. You’re overdoing it.

Fitness Training CenterSome people believe that the solution to the plateau is to work harder and go for more strenuous exercise. It makes sense, right? Not entirely. Overtraining may just be the reason you’ve hit the plateau, as your body becomes weaker and loses stamina.

You might be experiencing overtraining when you frequently feel tired, catch a flu every now and then, and get muscle and joint pains.

Before getting into a more intense exercise, consult a fitness coach first. Go to a local gym and see if you can enlist the help of a personal trainer. These experts will recommend the best routines appropriate for busting out of your plateau.

3. You don’t get enough sleep.

Rest is very much a big part of your physical activity. If you don’t get enough sleep, your muscles are unable to recover from your exercises. Plus, you’re more likely to get hunger pangs in the day when you’re not fully rested.

Not exactly the condition you want if you’re trying to shed off some pounds consistently, right? So, to break through this fitness rut, rest well. Prioritize sleeping for 7–8 hours a night.

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The fitness plateau is the enemy of every exercise enthusiast. Break that plateau by beating these culprits.

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