Conventional Treatments for Tooth Decay Among Children

Tooth Decay for ChildrenThough the entire set of baby teeth eventually comes out, it is essential to keep it healthy until adult teeth begin to grow. Doing so goes a long way in ensuring that the adult teeth grow with enough room. To keep these teeth healthy, most parents teach oral hygiene to their kids at an early age and provide proper nutrition. Despite all these efforts, some kids develop cavities that can permanently damage their enamel. Luckily, there are several treatments for tooth decay in children.

Fluoride for Early Stages of Tooth Decay

In the very early stages of tooth decay, dentists in Murray like Salt Lake Pediatric Dentist use fluoride to restore the enamel and strengthen the affected teeth. Not only does this method help in restoring the required teeth minerals; it also stops the decay. After the procedure, your dentist might also prescribe fluoride toothpaste to reverse the effects of tooth decay. However, fluoride only works for smaller cavities. Your child might require an alternative form of treatment when bad breath or dark spots manifest.

Dental Filling and Crowns for Advanced Teeth Decay

When the cavities on your child’s teeth reach an advanced stage, your orthodontist can remove the decayed parts of the teeth. They will subsequently employ dental filling to fill up the holes. The filler can be comprised of a resin or an amalgam such as silver or mercury. Your kid’s dentist can also use dental crowns to cover the entire surface of the decayed teeth.

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Root Canal for Extremely Decayed Teeth

A root canal is the ideal treatment for a tooth whose pulp has been extremely damaged. When the decay reaches such a stage, there might be inflammation in the teeth or gums. During the procedure, your dentist will remove the affected regions and clean the space left behind before stuffing it with medicated fillings. They will repeat the process until there is no more infection, after which they will install a crown.

Although tooth decay is a common problem among kids, it’s preventable . The ideal method is through maintaining healthy nutrition and practicing proper oral hygiene. Nonetheless, regular visits to a kid’s dentist are necessary for correcting decay issues before they escalate. To this end, your dentist might fill the teeth or perform a root canal.

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