Deconstructing Dental Implants: The Anatomy of the Tooth Replacement Option

The anatomy of dental implantsModern implant dentistry provides a stable solution that addresses gaps left by missing teeth, as well as the issues that come with having one or more missing teeth. South Bend dental implant provider Mahoney Family Dentistry says dental implants may restore:

  • Speech and chewing abilities
  • A confident smile
  • Facial tissues

Dental implants may even resolve bite problems and joint pain caused by the adjacent teeth shifting into the space left by missing teeth. Your dentist may suggest implants as a fixed replacement for one or more missing teeth. Before diving into the procedure, however, familiarize yourself with the anatomy of an implant.

Implant Post

Dental implants have three basic components, the first one being the implant post. This component resembles a tiny screw made of titanium. Your oral surgeon or periodontist will surgically place it in your jawbone so that your tooth replacement will have a stable base.

You might have to wait for several months for the post to heal and bond with your natural bone. Only then can your oral surgeon or periodontist attach the crown to it.

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An abutment is a small metal cap that basically serves as the connector of the implant post and the dental crown. Your oral surgeon or periodontist will attach it to the implant post once the latter has integrated with your jawbone.

Dental Crowns

The actual tooth restoration is the dental crown that your oral surgeon or periodontist will attach to the post. Often made of porcelain, crowns are custom-made to match the color of your natural teeth and the shape of surrounding teeth.

If you need to replace multiple missing teeth, you may opt for an implant-supported dental bridge. This option eases the pressure on individual implants that are not connected to each other.

Talk to your oral surgeon or periodontist today for more concerns about dental implants.

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