What Colours are Important during a Dental Exam?

Woman smiling with discoloured teethWhen people visit the dentist in Liverpool for a routine appointment they will be subject to a multi-point check-up. This applies whether it’s their first time or they are a regular patient, although new patients may get a more in-depth consultation and familiarisation process.

A check-up includes visual inspection as well as physical examination and possibly scans. If a patient wants to know exactly what their dentist in Liverpool is looking for then they can ask for a commentary when they visit a clinic like Liverpool Smile Studio. Some nervous patients find this particularly helpful because it helps them feel more informed and in control of the process.

Part of the visual exam will include looking for signs of changing colour or stains. A superficial inspection will tell the dentist in Liverpool a lot about the health of their patient’s teeth.

Gum Discolouration

Ideally, gums are firm and pink for Caucasian patients. Depending on the colouring of the patient this might be anything from a very light pink all the way to something much darker. People with darker skinner skin might have brown gums. The dentist will be looking for any warning signs of gum disease or infection. This is indicated by red and inflamed gum tissues. Any areas of black can be a sign of serious infection that the dentist in Liverpool will need to take a closer look at.

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Tooth Discolouration

Tooth shades can vary quite widely from person to person. Some people will naturally have a thinner enamel layer which leads to a yellower tooth. Others might have a bright, whiter smile.

The dentist is looking for any areas where hard, yellow plaque is covering the tooth surface. This generally happens around the base of the tooth. They may also be able to see stains on the surface of the tooth that are yellow or brown. These can be cause by long-term wear and tear, lifestyle factors like smoking or drinking red wine or they can be natural. Some people have stains that are built into the surfaces of their teeth. The dentist may be able to suggest ways that patients can change or cover stains.

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