Dental CPD in Watford for the Whole Dental Team

Dentist explaining oral conditionDental CPD is obligatory for all UK dental professionals, including dentists, hygienists and nurses. However, for most people, it can be difficult finding time to complete these courses without compromising their work.

Wisbora Conferences offer quick and effective dental CPD in Watford to professionals who wish to stay up-to-date with the compulsory requirements set by different governmental bodies.

What is dental CPD?

In general, CPD refers to all these courses, seminars, demonstrations and other activities undertaken by registered professionals who wish to advance their career and comply with the current rules and regulations of their trade. For dentists, dental CPD in Watford refers to a number of educational materials that related to NHS rules and regulations, dental accounting and finance, medical emergencies and basic life support training, safeguarding for children and vulnerable adults as well as complaints handling. The aim of dental CPD in Watford is to ensure that dentists and dental professionals are adequately trained in all aspects of everyday dental practice.

How much time should someone spend on dental CPD?

The current requirement depends per specialty, but generally, dentists need to undergo 100 hours of dental CPD within 5 years, whereas dental therapists, hygienists and clinical technicians have to complete 75 hours of dental CPD again within 5 years. Nurses and dental technicians are required to spend 50 hours on dental CPD every 5 years.

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Why is dental CPD essential?

Just like all health professionals, dentists and dental professionals have a duty to keep their knowledge and skills updated. With new techniques and treatments coming up every year, it is often easy to take things for granted. However, with dental practice comes responsibility and dental professionals are accountable for their further training which is officially recorded via their CPD activities (i.e. courses, seminars etc). CPD is not about taking a lot of courses or exhibiting knowledge. It is about building skills and improving things dental professionals are already good at. CPD courses should be carefully planned and dental professionals should take into consideration what direction they want to take before they commit. This way they can choose the best combination of CPD courses and seminars to help them achieve their goal.

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