Four Types of Nose Jobs

Rhinoplasty Lines on a Woman's FaceNose surgery has been gaining popularity. Many patients who have undergone this procedure say that it has improved the proportion of their face and their overall appearance. Some also attest that it has helped their breathing and has fixed abnormalities caused by congenital disabilities or impact trauma. If you’re considering nose surgery, you should know its types that suit various situations. Read on and see what’s right for you.

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

This procedure is becoming common. A qualified cosmetic surgeon from Utah Dermatologic & Medical Procedures Clinic injects botox and derma-fillers at different sites around your nose area to create your desired look. This procedure is best for those who seek to correct irregularities along their nose bridge, like flatness or a dorsal hump.


This plastic surgery procedure seeks to correct or reconstruct the form of the nose, restore its functions, or aesthetically enhance it by addressing issues caused by a congenital disability, trauma, physiological impediment, or a previously failed rhinoplasty. Patients seek this gold standard in nose surgeries to remove bumps, change the size of their nostrils, shift the angle of the nose, and address breathing issues caused by conditions like a deviated septum or sinusitis.

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Rhinosplasty is an invasive surgery that should not be taken lightly. It’s imperative that you ask a licensed plastic surgeon to carry out this surgery.


This plastic surgery procedure involves the removal of a portion of the nose to change the shape of the patient’s nostrils. Plastic surgeons use alarplasty to increase or decrease the width of the nose’s opening to address both cosmetic and functional concerns. Changing the shape and size of the nostrils has a significant impact on the overall look of a patient’s face.


This corrective surgery straightens the septum, which divides the nose into two nasal cavities. For ideal function, the septum must be in the center of the nose. In the case of a deviated septum, the patient often has trouble in breathing due to impeded airflow. A deviated septum can occur as early as childbirth, but it can also be the result of blunt trauma.

Septoplasty corrects it by repairing the passageways and removing or repositioning obstructions to clear the airways. Patients who seek this procedure are often those who suffer from recurrent rhinitis or other sinus-related concerns.

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Surgeons can surmise the correct procedure needed depending on the needs or desires of the patient. If you’re interested in getting a nose job, it’s best to consult a qualified plastic surgeon in your area.

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