What is Orthodontics in Harley Street?

a woman at the dentistPut simply, orthodontics is teeth and jaw straightening. What most people know about it is that it involves the use of braces. These dental devices have somewhat of a chequered reputation, and the image of harsh, metal wires and brackets strung across the teeth lingers long in the collective memory. Modern orthodontics in Harley Street no longer solely relies on fixed metal braces to do its work and there are a range of appliances on offer.

Orthodontics For Kids

Orthodontics in Harley Street often starts young. Children can have their first assessment at age 7, and some dentists are even recommending parents bring their kids in at 5. This is because advances in dental technology make it possible for dentists to see if adult teeth are going to descend into their correct positions, before they have come through. They can then use braces to guide the teeth into place as they erupt. Early orthodontics in Harley Street, at practices such as Harley Street Dental Clinic, means that kids can get their braces years over and done with before the awkwardness of adolescence sets in.

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Orthodontics For Adults

Although orthodontics in Harley Street is mostly associated with children and teens, it is available for adults too. Although any jaw realignment work has to be done before the bone sets hard at age 18, it’s still possible to move the teeth around within the jaw in adulthood. There’s no upper age limit on teeth straightening.

Adult orthodontics in Harley Street tends to involve discreet or invisible braces. This is because not many adults will consent to wearing conspicuous metal braces for 2 years. And for many cases it isn’t necessary. If the patient is looking for a cosmetic realignment of their smile, discreet braces can do the job very well.

Some popular brands include:

  • Invisalign clear aligners
  • Six Month Smiles
  • Cfast
  • Damon Clear
  • Incognito

Incognito is lingual braces that fit to the underside of the teeth. These fixed, metal braces are completely hidden from view and can do the same work as their front-facing counterparts.

Some of these braces are also suitable for teens, depending on the nature of their misalignment.

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