Privacy Policy

Foundation Social is committed to protecting the privacy of its users. It is our core aim to provide a safe and transparent online portal to our audience where privacy is the top priority. For this reason, we hereby discuss the terms on our privacy policy.

We collect only a limited amount of data from our visitors. These include:

Personally Identifiable Information

Foundation Social does not collect personal information unless otherwise provided by the visitor voluntarily. We would like to emphasize that such information will only be used for processing requests, sending feedback, and distributing news and updates concerning our site and its service.

Should a visitor share their contact information with us, we will keep every detail confidential. Foundation Social will only use the information to clarify, discuss, or answer a particular inquiry or comment regarding our site. No third party organization will ever have access to any personal data our visitors entrusted to us.

Other Information

By default, Foundation Social collects the following important information:

  • Number and URLs of visited pages
  • Browser used for the visit
  • Name of the Internet domain
  • Date and time of the visit
  • Visitor’s IP address

All these pieces of non-personal information are instrumental to Foundation Social in evaluating our site’s traffic and making tweaks to provide a better user experience to our visitors.

To protect our visitors’ privacy, Foundation Social does not use cookies.

External Links

Most of our stories here have links pointing to external references and credible news sites. We do this to enhance the experience of our users in finding more relevant information about a particular topic. Every visitor may click and visit these links at their own discretion, but Foundation Social is not accountable for the privacy policies and practices these sites use.